The Forme Attuali Serve a Tavola (Forme Attuali Waits On Your Tables) Line encompasses a complete set that decorates your banquets.
Crafted in stoneware (grès), which has very high resistance, malleability and impermeability to gas and liquid. Those features make it particularly suitable for the daily use. It is decorated with vitrified coloured engobe using pigments free from contaminants, according to the current Food Information Regulations, and it is fired to 1050° C. It is the result of a developing process consisting in trials and different techniques carried out over years.
Thanks to its high resistance to mechanical stress and corrosion, the stoneware (grès) represents the perfect material to daily use. In fact, these items can be put in the dishwasher; just beware and handle with care: they can break when they fall or hit something
The linear, essential design with a particular feature, which is the curved brim of the plates, and the extreme geometries of the jug and the cups conceived by Laura Scopa, perfectly combine with the trim outlined by engraved lines. Such lines seem to intertwine as they run fast, they get lost and meet again somewhere else and they poetically identify her in the storytelling of her journey among “the World’s things”.
Lucia Cesarini

A PALETTE of 6 shades conceived to eat.
Think about functional ceramics, which is traditional, characterised by essential shapes that are suitable for serving each kind of food on a daily basis. Then, think about the haphazardness and novelty that accompany the trim of the ceramics itself. Lastly, think about the today’s folk art, which is dynamic, marked by vivid colours, and has design as her best shot… bon appétit!

Alice Lombardelli

Functional ceramics
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