FORME ATTUALI Forme Attuali proposes a playful design, which makes ceramics the new, out of ordinary means that turns tradition into a strong fusion of styles and techniques.

VASI MONO FIORE (VASES WITH MONO-FLOWER) are handcrafted and have different dimensions. They always combine the frosty and elegant colour of white, grey, and black glazes of the bodies with the most outré colours of the funnels, which are unique thanks to their singular and one-off pitches.

A cylindrical, slender body, a rounded shoulder with a curvilinear profile, a narrow and elongated bottleneck with high band rim as its finishing touch, and a rigorously flat bottom: this is how a standard bottle looks like. Fome Attuali turns it into a vase, letting a funnel lean against the mouth and distil water from an inimitable flower.

VASI MONOLIGHT (MONO-LIGHT VASES) Big, Mini, Medium, as long as it is Mono-light: each silhouette has its own light.

A single torch lighting springing from the signature-styled funnel by Forme Attuali is the basic feature of this limited series of Luminous vases suitable to furnish each corner of your house. Although they are table lamps. they are out of the ordinary in terms of shape and colour. Unique, they are all crafted by throwing on wheel, attractive even when they are switched off, crafted in maiolica, and glazed according to the dynamic style that matches the shiny ice white or metal grey colour of the vase with the bright, vivid colours of the funnels housing the CE marked wired lamp holder.